It is beginning to look like Fall!

August was a rough month at my house. Between the heat, my wife making it back to work, our newborn starting daycare, and everything else going on. In the first week in daycare my daughter got RSV and pneumonia and transmitted something to me, putting me on my butt for a few weeks.

This weekend was the first time I have been able to get out and take some shots, and while the leaves haven’t gotten too far along, you can tell it is getting to be fall with the light outside.

Danielle and I took the baby and one of the pups out to Point of Rocks, she went for a hike on the canal, and I hung out waiting for some trains to come through.

Early on I could hear what seemed to be 2 trains on the scanner, and soon heard that one was a MARC train, P931 and the other was a CSX freight.

Ultimately the MARC train didn’t come through, it took the wye toward Baltimore.

These are a few shots I took of the CSX Intermodal which featured an ES44AC-H about halfway through as a DPU.


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