Freight Trains in Brunswick on a gloomy fall day

This past Monday I was off of work and decided to head to Brunswick as it is one of my staples to get out of the house, get some steps in, and catch some time to shoot photographs and trains.

When I got there I crossed paths with a father and his son who were out doing the same thing. It is nice to see others who share the hobby and get to spend time together in it.

As time went on I caught a signal indicating something coming into the yard from the west and headed over to catch a quick yard move with 2 GP38-2 locomotives and a single center beam car.

After this train went through I met Gerry, The Peripatetic Ferroequinologist, who happily put up with my questions and we were able to converse on things ranging from local history to photography, and what we might be catching the rest of the afternoon. Be sure to check out his blog at the link above, a lot of awesome content is on there ranging decades in his travels taking photographs.

From there I caught the buildings of a train within the yard, an empty coal train, and finally an intermodal heading to Baltimore via the Old Main line.

See the photos from yesterday in the gallery below:

You can also see these photos on my Flickr gallery!

All photos were shot on the Canon EOS R with the 50mm 1.8 STM lens.

Links to my gear:
Canon EOS R
Canon RF 50 1.8

Please note these products were purchased with my own funds, however, if you purchase one of the items linked above I do earn from qualifying purchases. If you are interested in the products that were discussed please use the links in the post to pursue them as this will help me!


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