Testing gear on a December Afternoon

Over Thanksgiving weekend this year I finally pulled the trigger on a new MacBook Pro 16 after years of holding back and waiting. I have been constantly waffling on the decision sine the new models were announced last year. I wanted to ensure my wife was situated for work/school as she had been using hand-me-down …


Don’t be afraid to learn something new – My experience fixing my older MacBook Pro

Inside the MacBook Pro after battery replacement

I am in the process of starting some new projects and was in need of a new notebook computer. I had been struggling to pull the trigger on something because I definitely consider myself a power user, but I also am a Mac user. While I use both Mac and PC about equally, for my …

Installing CarPlay on a 2016 F-150

CarPlay home screen

I do not know for sure whether this is an issue on other Models from the 2016 Lineup, but definitely look into this if you have a 2016 Ford that doesn't support CarPlay or Android Auto. These features are huge, and definitely worth an hour or two of time.