We are finally getting to the bright side of home projects!

We have lived in our house for about 2 months now and as I had mentioned in a previous post, things had not been the most fantastic in the beginning. In addition to the headache of trying to work with Choice Home Warranty regarding our Air Conditioning, there have been other issues along the way, some you’d expect, some you wouldn’t. As time went on my wife and I discovered major issues in the plumbing of every bathroom in the house (4 Full Baths) and each one required some work to complete, and some caused some damage. Luckily, none of the issues were due to the toilets, but leaking water and subsequent water damage is still a downer. Thus far, only 2 bathrooms have been able to be completed, and while we only have 2 knocked out right now, we are able to get by since it is just the two of us, and a guest here and there.

Water damage from leaking bathtub
Water damage from leaking bathtub

With these issues, I am very curious about what repercussion there could potentially be for a seller in a situation like this – where the previous owners had to have known about these issues. If no bathtub/shower in the house can be used without obvious water leakage, how did they get by and stay hygienic? While the house was sold as-is, I am sure there was documentation where the seller had to acknowledge whether there were any known issues…

Aside from that, now that we have gotten past some of these issues, things have definitely gotten on track and while we have gone through much of the budget we had entailed for improvements just trying to repair unforeseen issues, we are making headway and finally getting to work on things that we want to do versus have to do. It feels great.

The house after yard work.
The house after completing some much-needed yard work.

We have done a major overhaul on the garage, with more improvements to come, as well as getting a lot of the yard looking 10x better, and will be trying to tackle some interior projects once we have some more time inside. I hope our neighbors are happy to see grass consistently cut, and a much greener yard with pulled weeds… I know I am.

Garage Improvements
After repainting the garage we have added Gladiator GearWall to assist with the organization of tools.

I am definitely looking forward to some cooler weather that will allow us to tackle more projects and really get this house looking great. My wife has been a fantastic worker, and we are definitely enjoying the fruits of our labor, even though there has definitely been a questioning of the desire during the job.



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