Am I off base? My Response to a post on the Washington Redskins’ Subreddit

I found this question quite interesting. 

Why Are You Proud Of This Team?
Hi guys,
I’m a podcaster from Columbus, Ohio and a Steelers fan. For the longest time, I have ripped Washington for their choices in many things that I’m sure you guys are all too familiar with and are a much larger discussion that is meant elsewhere than this post. Our next podcast, we’re going to talk about Washington as a whole after the Doug Williams comments recently.
However, I wouldn’t be fair to your team if I didn’t get your perspectives. So instead of debating the rights and wrongs, I want to know why you are proud of this team, what keeps you rooting for them if they do things that are largely unpopular and possibly even unpopular with yourself. Is it a debate about staying loyal to your team, or is it deeper than that?
*Note: I may use these comments as part of the next podcast, so if you would like yours NOT read, just say so.

u/mylesodin on Reddit  – **Note: User has since deleted post.

My Response: 

I think your question is based in fallacy and is really quite interesting. It is easy for someone to ignore their own team’s flaws when looking outward. Maybe look inward.

  • Why are any team’s fans so loyal to their team?
  • Why are Brown’s fans so loyal when they have done nothing in the majority of their fans’ lifetime?
  • Why does Detroit have the following they do when they have done nothing with nearly 20 years of top draft picks?

I have grown up with this team. While they have done things I am not supportive of, they are my team. I have grown up watching them and rooting for them. It has not been easy having a .500 record over the last 20 years, but when it comes to my personal history, watching the Redskins on Sundays, getting up and putting on my team’s colors is one of the traditions that I have had forever and that I cherish.

I have lost a lot of desire to have a deep passion as I am definitely growing tired of being let down every year, but every year I come back because my fandom has become a part of who I am. I am not irrational about it, it is tough to be a fan sometimes, but I still root for them.

It may be worth it to look in the figurative mirror.

The Steeler’s have a largely successful history with Championships but they have also had their own marks in their time line.

  • Why is their Quarterback so supported by a largely conservative fan-base when he has had multiple sexual assault accusations?
  • Their (likely former) Running Back was an idol with fans even though he had multiple drug suspensions.
  • Plaxico Burress?
  • James Harrison?
  • Hines Ward was considered a dirty player in his time as well.

But everything is fine since they are Steelers’, right? 

With regards to Doug William’s official statement on the Reuben Foster Signing

 I think it was as good as you were going to get from any team in the league. What specifically are you criticizing about it?

While I do not support the signing based on my own principles and feelings, I can understand it as a football move. Reuben Foster was a 1st Round Draft pick and the team is not going to play him – per the statement – until his legal situation is resolved AND if/when the league issues their punishment. If either of those go bad, he is gone. What else do you want?

If innocent – no problem, he plays.
If guilty – cut.

As I said though, I personally am not a fan of the signing.

I hope that I have answered your question.

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I am interested in other folks thoughts on this. Am I off base? 


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