Choice Home Warranty will not stop calling me!

After last year’s fiasco with Choice Home Warranty, a scam of a company, I never filed another claim as I have no faith in their product or that they will honor their commitments. As such, I did not renew my contract with them.

Choice Home Warranty is obviously in business to make money, as anyone would be, so they are looking to have me renew… They have now begun calling me nearly daily and some times multiple times a day, and are showing no signs of stopping.

Due to a recent issues from a storm I have been receiving other calls from unfamiliar numbers as I am dealing with my Insurance company, and I picked up one of these calls and the call was from Choice Home Warranty with a scripted pitch to have me renew with them. I immediately stopped the man mid-speech and said “Your company did not honor the first claim I filed and I have no interest in renewing, please stop calling me.” and ended the call immediately.

Since that time, I have continued to receive calls, nearly all from NJ numbers, but not all the same number, and this is getting excessive. After this latest call I have reported the company to the FTC and am hoping that this will help.

FTC Report Acceptance
Screenshot after reporting Choice Home Warranty to the Federal Trade Commision

I am writing this as a warning to anyone thinking of signing up for this awful company. The BBB ratings do not lie, this company is awful, stay away!


6 Replies to “Choice Home Warranty will not stop calling me!”

  1. Calling and texting. They are asking for another person. I’ve told them that they have the wrong number, asked them to please stop calling, note the account that I’m not the person you’re looking for… still no end 😦

  2. I had a typo when trying to go to my Sears home warranty and it spoofed to Choice and their site looked very similar. I entered my phone number to try and log into sears and realized it was not Sears. They obviously vacuumed up my number and since then won’t stop calling me. At least one call per day if not two. This is a real turd of a company.

  3. These people won’t leave me alone. I had them and my contract is done on July 24. They are literally harassing me. Constantly, phone calls, emails and now texting me. Over and over again. I never want this company AGAIN

  4. I can’t agree more with this. I recently made the simple mistake of requesting a quote from Choice Home warranty. Less than 24 hours ago! Within 5 minutes of putting the required info into their system, just to see the price, my phone rang. I explained to the individual that the price given was higher than another company I was looking at, so I would not be using them. From that point on they began to harass and berate me. I received multiple emails (where I was called foolish for not using them) and then the phone calls started. At least 3-4 different sales reps calling me to badger me with questions. Each time I asked them to please take me off their call list, and politely hung up. The sales practices used by this company are high pressure and unscrupulous. I will absolutely tell my story about these scum to everyone I know.

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