The pork was a hit!

In honor of Customer Service Appreciation week at my office we had a department-wide pot-luck. Of course, I did my best to make something above and beyond and that the team would like. Sunday morning my wife went out shopping for some lingering groceries that were needed as well as the meat for the company pot-luck, and upon arrival home I went to work.

The meat of choice was a decent-size Pork Butt.

After cleaning up some over-fatty pieces and cutting off some pieces that would likely burn and get too hard to be appealing I put down some Traeger Apricot BBQ Sauce as a wet base, followed up with a coating of a Honey-Chipotle dry rub.

Pork butt after being cleaned up and seasoned
Pork butt after being cleaned up and seasoned

I started the grill with a Hickory, Maple, and Cherry blend of pellets and once heated, I put the meat on the grill. For the next 4 hours the pork took on the smoke and continued to cook.

Pork Butt and Country Ribs on the Traeger Renegade Pro
Pork Butt and Country Ribs on the Traeger Renegade Pro

After dinner I pulled the pork off the grill and began to foil wrap it. Prior to sealing the pork up I made a glaze with Butter, Fresh Honey, and Brown Sugar. The glaze was poured over the meat, the meat was wrapped and placed back on the grill to keep cooking.

Pork Butt after being glazed
Honey, Butter, and Brown Sugar glaze on pork prior to being wrapped in foil

Every hour from that point I went out and checked the meat and checked the internal temperature waiting for it to get to that 200° mark. Unfortunately, being a work night, I could not wait to let the meat get there. After over 8 hours on the grill I pulled it just before that point to begin shredding it/cutting it up and prepping it for the sliders that would be served.

Pork after being cut and shred
Pork during the shredding process

Flash forward to today.

I arrived at work and around 10:30 am I brought out the slow-cooker, and set it up on an empty desk behind mine. I kept it low to heat the meat, periodically stirring as time allowed. I finally applied a very light amount of Jack Daniels Honey Barbecue sauce and let it heat the remainder of the time.

As noon came I took the slow-cooker from the desk and put the food out for consumption and within what seemed like a minute, it was gone. I didn’t get to eat any myself, but from the feedback I received, it was fantastic.

There is definitely something rewarding about making something that is so well liked and to hear compliments on your work.


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