Some quick thoughts on Deep Creek Lake!

Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County Maryland has been a spot that I have gone since I was a child. I grew up with limited vacations, but each year we made it out to Garrett County to go camping, to the lake during the Summer, and sometimes during the Winter for skiing.

While I was younger I enjoyed my time there, but did not realize how much there was to do until I was a teenager and my parents bought property there. At that point I was hooked. Every weekend, every summer when off of school, every moment I had, I was there. Eventually while in college at West Virginia University, I became a raft guide at Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI) – the world’s only Mountain-Top whitewater rafting course.

Kevin Douglas working as a Raft Guide at Adventure Sports Center International
Working as a raft guide in the Summer of 2012 at Adventure Sports Center International

I lived every free moment I had up there making me realize how much I loved being there, and because of this, I enrolled at WVU. Being a student and living in this area was fantastic. Coming “home” was a 45 minute drive down I-68 and was one of the most scenic commutes you can have.

There is something to do in the Deep Creek area every season. In the warm months there is boating, rafting at ASCI or on the Youghiogheny River, Ropes Courses, and Mountain Biking down the ski slopes at WISP, Hiking, there is no limit. In the fall you have the some of the best, most scenic moments in the area, and the celebration for Autumn Glory. Finally, in the winter, there is of course skiing and some serious snow after the New Year.

Winter Photo from near Deep Creek Lake
Winter photo taken at my family farm near Deep Creek Lake. Feb 2015.

For me, I love spending time up in the mountains relaxing and enjoying time with family. There is no shortage of opportunities and activities. This is not a sales pitch, I have no stake in things, I just want to share my love of the mountains and the good time that is to be had there!

Picture from atop WISP Ski Resort in July
View taken on a July 4th in the past from atop a ski slope at the Wisp.










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