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I am a big Amazon fan, and enjoy books as well. I have a Kindle and I enjoy it, and find it to be a great device, but my issue is that I am terrible about following through and reading the books. The issue is that I quickly and easily get distracted and end up putting the books down and doing something else, something more able to fulfill my mind’s need to be doing a million things at once. It is an issue I have had forever and has led me to a lot of issues when during school. The books that the school assigned and required reading were the damnedest time. I just would not do it, I refused, moreover I just sat there and doodled. It was boring to me, I could not get my mind through the things. That book smell so many people love, I hated it. There were only a few books I liked enough to get through.

I have a desire to read and I have pushed myself through in recent years, and in reality the Kindle has done a great job assisting in the effort, and likely some maturity has assisted as well. One of the big issues now is that I have so much else going on that I struggle to find time to actually do it. I have gotten through some biographies, and some other books that I really wanted to read, but never anything too deep or in depth.

Audible Logo
Audible Logo

I have known about Audible for a long time now and have been curious about it, but I didn’t think it would be worthwhile. I didn’t want to spend money just to spend it, but On Prime Day there was a promotion to get 3 months of Audible for $4.95/month and I figured it really couldn’t hurt to give it a shot at that price. If I did not like it, I would only be in $15 and have 3 more books under my belt. Well, I am now 3 months in, have bought 3 books in addition to the 3 that would be credited to the account and I am very vested in the Jack Ryan series.

Something that also was a catalyst to signing up is when I recently moved. In June I moved further north in my state, and increased my commute from a measly 6 miles – 20 minute commute each way to a minimum of an hour commute each way. There are only so many hot-takes I can take each day in Sports talk, and the radio gets repetitive so I figured this would be a good way for me to get some books in and enjoy some story time while winding down on my drive home.

So far the biggest issue I have had is in Narrators. The quality in the service that I have taken out of my experience so far is heavily dependent on the quality of the narration in the books. Some books are in desperate need of a better reading. This has actually led me to skip books in the Jack Ryan series as I could tell from the sample that I would be incapable of suffering through the dry narration, and that appears to be something that others who reviewed the books have said. Not wanting to skip to successive books I went ahead and picked one up that appeared from the Sample to be the lesser of two evils. The book was great, but the narration left a lot of room to be desired. Obviously this is not 100% on Audible but hopefully there is an effort to go back through parts of the inventory. The narrators can amplify the quality of the book, and can also plummet it.

Outside of the narration issue, the features seem pretty straightforward, the applications for the iPhone and iPad seem to be great, minus the inability to actually make a purchase through the app (something that also exists on other digital media apps from Amazon for some reason). A workaround has been to of course use a Computer, or just load the site in the device’s browser. Downloads work well, and upon completion it even looks like you have the ability to “return” the book if it is not up to par, although I am sure you lose that privilege if it is abused.

Overall, I have been very satisfied with my experience, and in addition to the credits on the site that you get for signing up there appears to be a healthy amount of sales that have led to me being able to pick up a few additional books to fill the gap between the credited ones that you get each month. I have only allowed myself only use the credits for the books that are worth more than the value of the credit, and also have a significant duration so I feel like I got a deal, and also to be a responsible consumer.

I have used the application nearly every day since I got it and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I would definitely recommend it!


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