Until next time Lord Stanley

First off, congratulations to St. Louis and their fans. This is a monumental moment for that fan base, I am sure.

For me, prior to last hockey season I had only been alive for one championship for a team I follow, the Washington Redskins, but having not been even one year old I really do not, and cannot take too much joy in that.

The Capitals winning the Cup last year was one of the best moments of my life from a sports perspective, and I still get excited thinking about it now. Watching how the team was finally able to get that monkey off their back, ‘exorcise those demons,’ and go on to win it all. The Save. The DSP goal through the air. The lady in the front row showing the Caps it all. And finally, Ovie and Backstrom hoisting the cup in the air and proving the doubters all wrong.

Alexander Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom with Stanley Cup
Photo from NHL.com

The celebration that followed was one of the most fun things to follow as well. I have been watching the core talent of this Capitals’ team grow through coaching changes, players coming and going, GM changes, and a lot of criticism, and to see them finally achieve the greatness that they deserve was something special. To see them come together and finally be able to celebrate was amazing for me, and while I wasn’t thrilled that they got bounced in the first round this year it did not sting nearly as much as it did in the previous years. Here is to hoping for more again next season.

Cheers St. Louis, enjoy it.


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