This morning made me ready for fall…

Football season has started. Cool is in the air. I am ready for fall. While it is mid-September, my wife has not given me the go ahead to say it is Fall, and I am to the point where, well. Its Fall.

On my way out the door this morning it was significantly cooler than it had been in the last few weeks, and months. I had on long sleeves, a hoodie in my arms, and I was actually chilly. While I was cool, I paused, and smiled. It finally triggered for me. It is actually Fall.

Summer was tough for us this year, and I am ready for the change of seasons. I am not sure if it has felt this way for others, but this year has felt incredibly quick. Even with the struggle that we have been having, and the increased stress, time has gone by quick. It feels like yesterday that it was Spring, and I was out working with my wife on getting our yard ready for the Summer, making planters, and looking forward to enjoying the Summer. Now, here I am looking forward to the Fall.

Fall Clouds in Western Maryland
Fall in Western Maryland, September 2018

I am looking forward to Apple Cider, Chili, Soup, more Football, and heck, I am happy to hear people complain about Pumpkin Spice versus Cider, and whether each are the true fall beverages – Cider is the correct answer by the way. The change of seasons has started, and it is time to go to and from with the windows down – by choice, I have had to do it by necessity, and it sucks.

I get nostalgic by little things at the change of the seasons and Fall has some of the most sensational things that trigger the nostalgia. The smell of smoke in the air, a crisp breeze, changing leaves, the start of football and hockey, jeans and sweatshirts… These are all things that I love.

I love Fall, and am so glad that we are here.


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