That Redskins game was genuinely awful

Going into the season I looked at the first 5 weeks and basically wrote that part of the schedule off from the start. My guess was 1-4, but I hoped they would split the games. I did not anticipate being impressed by their play in those games, or having a great feeling about the future during that time, just prepped myself to endure some losses.

I anticipated the Defense keeping the team in it, Case Keenum throwing a couple picks here and there, but at least anticipated they would look better than the last 8 games of 2018, they have their starters back, how can they be worse? Well, that prediction was way off.

After 3 weeks, things are just embarrassingly awful. The issue I am having is that these losses have not been along the lines of 17-20, or close fought games to the end, they have had some of the most devastating ways for the fans to endure these losses. They had the Eagles down 17-0, the fan-base’s hopes up for half a game, and could not finish. They had an opportunity with the game against the Cowboys and squandered it. Even then, those are a couple tough teams that have decent talent on both sides, I was able to keep some positive hope after those two games even though they were awful showings.

This last game however, this was pitiful. Going in, you knew they had to endure the Bears defense, an understandably large task, but had a good feeling looking at the Bears’ offense. Then, in the blink of an eye they go down 28-0. Are you kidding me?! I tried to turn it off, I tried, but it is something about being a beaten down Redskins fan that had me keep it on and endure the punishment. Sadistic, I know.

Case Keenum Fumbling against the Bears
Case Keenum killing any chance at a comeback against the Chicago Bears, September 23, 2019.

As I said initially, going in I had prepped myself for the team to lose most of the games in the first month. I figured they would struggle to start. I just did not anticipate it being this bad, this depressing. As a lifelong Skins fan, I am struggling to endure at this point. In my life they haven’t done anything that should have me still be a loyal supporter. Yes, technically they have won a Super Bowl in my life, but I was 1.

As for what is going to happen next, I do not know. They have an opportunity to win against the Giants and match their record, but still, that would be 1-4, and the mid section of the schedule that looked winnable only has a couple games that still appear as such. I do not anticipate a mid-season coaching change. The Skins have not done that since Norv Turner, and even with assistants I don’t anticipate much to change. I can see being wrong about that too, this has already been a mind-blowing season, but there has been some awful times in the last decade and nothing changed then either. I am not sure why it would be different now.

Here is to the remaining games and hoping to see improvement. But man, I am not sure how I can sustain 13 more games like this.


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