Peloton is releasing a new bike!

I woke up this morning with my coffee and one of the first things I saw was an announcement from Peloton for the new Peloton Bike+. This thing looks absolutely incredible.

Screenshot of the Peloton Bike+ from the Peloton Announcement Video

With the limited direct experience I have with the previous generation of Peloton, this seems to be a worthwhile purchase if you have not yet bought the current generation Peloton Bike. The new features are a huge gain in terms of quality of life.

New Features:

Rotating Display – For someone who uses the other Peloton apps such as strength training and yoga, this is huge! The bike can now be your display, and all it takes is moving it over and setting up your workout area.

Screenshot of the Rotating Screen on the new Peloton Bike+
Screenshot of the Rotating Screen on the new Peloton Bike+

Soundbar + Subwoofer – The previous Peloton bike did not have the best quality of speakers, and having this will be fantastic

Apple Watch GymKit integration – For me, this is absolutely a fantastic feature. The ability to pair the Apple Watch with a touch is fantastic. Adding the integration to have heart rate and other metrics directly tied to the watch is something that is significant for me.

Screenshot from Peloton Announcement of the Apple Watch touch integration

Auto-Follow digital resistance system – This one is also great for anyone who wants to ensure they are at the right setting based on the instructor. Sometimes I miss the queue that is given and dont realize it until they raise or lower the resistance again. While its not a make-or-break feature to me, I love that it is an option.

I am really digging the new features and look forward to seeing how they all work together for the users. Peloton announced in their blog post that they are automatically refunding the difference in cost ($350) for the bike they recently purchased, and the difference in the tax.

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