Traeger released its 2019 Grills and they look awesome!

After almost a year with my Traeger Renegade Pro, I am hooked on the pellet grill train and don’t see myself jumping off any time soon. I have made countless meals and the grill has made meal prepping for the week a breeze. I toss tons of different things on the grill over the weekend and I am able to make lunches and dinners for the week and my wife and I are thrilled.

Traeger has been leading up to this for a little while now and has finally announced their new grills. This new set of grills expands on the pellet grill lineup with a new Pro series, and new controllers across the board, including the Timberline and Ironwood grills.


The Pro series seems like a great expansion on the grills in that line that came before it, adding the WiFire Thermostat, a new drive system amongst other features.


The Ironwood, in my mind, is huge step up in features over the Pro, and is a great intermediate model with the double wall insulation, WiFire Thermostat, and adjustable two-tier grates to cook on.


Finally, the Timberline seems like an amazing grill with an additional feature being added – a pellet sensor; something everyone can use as everyone has run into an issue with an empty hopper at least once. and this seems like a fantastic addition.

Traeger Announcement Trailer:

I am looking forward to seeing these new grills in action and am hoping to be able to get my hands on one to see what they can do!

See my current review series for the Renegade pro here!

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