Follow Up: One Season with the Traeger Insulation Blanket

A couple weeks ago I posted this review of the Traeger Insulation Blanket. As of writing that post I had reached out to the Traeger Customer Service team and was hoping to have a positive experience with them to resolve the issue that I had with the blanket leading to damage of the grill’s barrel. I was definitely concerned about the experience going in as I have not had the best experiences so far, and I have since had closure on the issue.

The response that I recieved from their team was:

“Cosmetic damage is not covered under warranty as it does not affect the functionality of the grill.”

Email from Traeger Support

On the business side of things, I get it, but as a customer I am definitely disappointed.

My issue is that I followed their instructions and did not use the blanket when the temperature outside the grill was >35 F and still had issues. Knowing this, I would not recommend the product to anyone that lives somewhere where the temperature does not get significantly cold or windy, stays even around 20 F in the winter, as the offset in pellet consumption wouldn’t outweigh the risk of damage to their grill.

Aside from that, if you are looking at the Traeger Renegade series (Elite or Pro) at this point I would say to weigh the costs on saving to go a step higher and getting the IRONWOOD 650 (TFB65BLE) or IRONWOOD 885 (TFB89BLE) as they have double walled construction and therefore no need for an Insulation Blanket.


For an entry into the Pellet Grill, and an entry into Traeger Grills, I am happy with how my Renegade Pro (TFB38TOD) has done well by me, and I have definitely learned on it, and I hope that my experiences have been able to assist others with their grilling quest.

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4 Replies to “Follow Up: One Season with the Traeger Insulation Blanket”

  1. The ironwoods are double walled only on the sides. The barrel and lid are still in insulated. The thermal blankets are typically used when doing a low heat for longer smokes. What temp did were you running at that damaged your grill?

    1. Thanks for the clarification on the Ironwood line.
      I typically keep the grill between 180-220 depending on what I am cooking and the timeline, and only occasionally use the grill at the 300+ mark.
      The blanket was not being used for high-heat applications and also was not being used in higher than recommended outside temp. At this point I am only entertaining using it when it is extremely cold out. Anything >20F and I am fine with eating the pellet cost.

      1. Interesting that the grill still got damaged. I’ve been looking into the blankets and is how I cam across your page. If I get one I’ll be sure to take your advice for using only when really cold. Thanks!

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