Big Project Weekend at the House!

When Danielle and I moved into our house nearly a year ago there were a lot of projects on our list. Things we knew needed to be done quickly, things that would be nice to have and then there were the big projects. We obviously hit setbacks off the bat when the AC system failed and our Home Warranty company made the situation go from bad to worse, and of course when our bathroom decided to leak into our Kitchen… But from then on we have been taking on what we can, prioritizing some of the want to dos with some of the “Oh crap, the living room is completely soaked” moments.

House in April 2019
My house in the evening in April 2019

These are definitely situations that we were and hoped to be ready for when we bought our house. We knew the hose had its issues, and we have been happy to be getting where we are now, nearly a year in.

This April, we had an opportunity present itself to tackle one of our big three projects that we knew we would need to do when buying the house. Take out two big Maple trees in our back yard. We didn’t have a plan to get this taken care of right away, however, everything definitely had a catalyst when one of our neighbors hired a tree service to come in. When I saw the owner on the job site I asked him if he would give me a quote to get the work done. The price was extremely competitive, so we jumped at it.

Backyard Prior to Tree Removal
Our Backyard prior to the two trees being removed.

The week that the tree work was supposed to happen, we were dealt the second of the big three projects on the move in list. The ticking time bomb we knew we had from last year – our AC system – failed. Now, we are still under contract with our Home Warranty provider but decided against working with them due to our incredible issues with them the last time. We went with the amazing folks at Weather Masters Corp. Right after identifying that we had a problem I called them up and their owner gave us a quote, and had us on the schedule for installation immediately. The only issue was that a new AC system is pricey, and so is getting two trees and their stumps taken out. Do we cancel one or do we go into savings to knock out two of our big three from move in?

We decided it was important to us to get them both completed.

Work Weekend

With the experiences that we had with these two projects getting taken care of, I could have also named this post “A tale of two Contractors” but I am at least happy with the results of the projects, and while the situation with one of the contractor has not been ideal, the results of the work at least have me happy.

This weekend, the work finally happened and there is definitely a sense of a weight being lifted as these projects didn’t exactly have a “If we want to do them” label, but more of a “when will we have to do them” label. The last AC system was original to the house and the roots on a maple stretch far and wide, and both trees were encroaching on the foundation of our house, and that is a situation I REALLY didn’t want to deal with. In addition, they were at the surface and that impacted the usability of the yard.

Old AC System thrown about in the yard
All of the old components to the Heating and AC system in the yard.

Weather Masters got us scheduled Friday, and much of the day was taken by two guys taking out the old furnace, coils, and compressor, and anything else that went with it, and then installing the new system. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Finally, Saturday. The crew arrived to take down the trees and the it was definitely a satisfying thing to watch. Something as massive as two trees coming down, and then a big machine grinding a stump into a pulp is definitely something that can make anyone happy. Once they had taken everything out, they threw down some seed and straw and it made a world of difference to our space.

All in all, this was a productive weekend. While all of the work was hired out, it definitely feels good to get this all done.

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