Review: Traeger Customer Service – Follow Up – Part 1

It has now been ~3 weeks since I published my update to my chronicle review series for my Traeger Renegade Pro grill. During that review I mentioned customer service as something that was a bit intriguing for me. On one hand, each time I have had to reach out to Traeger Service I have had no issues with the experience on the phone or through email, my issues have come with the”post-call” experience.

During the review I mentioned how I received an Insulation Blanket for my Traeger Renegade Pro which was the correct size for the grill, but not for my specific model. Immediately after being given the gift and seeing the issue when trying to install, I went ahead and gave them a call to begin remedying my issue. During the call they promised to ship it out a replacement right away. The support specialist did mention this is a common issue for my grill’s model and I was satisfied with the call. However, a week later, I had yet to receive any follow up or notification of a shipment. At that time, I called back in and they assured me it would be in soon. I patiently waited and finally received a notification from UPS that a label had been created and a shipment was on its way.

About a week ago I received a message from my wife that I received a package from Traeger and she was confused because she knew all I was waiting on from Traeger is the blanket and said the package was way too small. I asked her to open it, and she then sent me the following photo of what came in.

Traeger Pro Controller
Traeger Renegade Pro Controller Sent by Traeger Support as a warranty replacement for an Insulation Blanket.

Somehow, during the warranty issuance process they sent me a Digital Pro Controller. The invoice in the package said Insulation blanket, but the package did not contain the correct item. I am finally getting frustrated. At this point, I contacted them nearly a month prior. The review was published two weeks after the initial call, and I have been waiting now for 4 weeks to receive the blanket.

Following the receipt of the message from my wife I called their Support Team again (Call #3 for this issue) and had to explain myself and the situation again and they mentioned that there is no shortage of stock on the item – so it should be in quickly – and that they placed another order for the blanket, but had no way to expedite the situation.

It has now been 5 days since my third call on this issue, and I have not seen a shipment notification or received any follow up from Traeger.

I will post an update to this with more soon. This situation is definitely unfortunate, I sincerely do believe this issue was a one-off for me and a mix-up with the warehouse on the initial shipment.

This experience has not soured the well for me, I still love my grill, it is just difficult as I am wanting to have this item before the weather warms up again.

I still one day hope to be able to get my hands on the Timberline and share more experiences.

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