New Year, New Product to try!

In December I was given the Grill Eye Pro as a gift and I was beyond excited to receive this. Throughout 2017 I had been doing more cooking by the weekend and used my grill for nearly all meals. The Traeger was definitely paying for itself.

The thing that I really was needing was a solid meat thermometer, and I was wanting a WiFi thermometer as well. I bought the Thermapen Mk IV and I was given the Grill Eye as something that my Mom really recommended. I was beyond excited to also receive the Grill Eye because that was something I could not afford to get in addition to what I bought.

I was given the core unit, and some additional brand name probes, and could not wait to use it.

Grill Eye Pro Social Media Post
Instagram Post showing how excited I was to be receiving the Grill Eye Pro.

The issue here came when I was first using the thermometer.
What I found is that the product was not reliable for me. I did not spend a lot of time working through the issue with the company’s support team as I only had so much time before I could RMA it.

I then sent it back and ended up now buying the Fireboard FBX11 Thermometer. I am really looking forward to giving this thing a try and seeing how its features work out for me.

Fireboard Thermometer
Fireboard Thermometer Product Photo from

Look for more updates soon on the Fireboard FBX11 Thermometer.


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