2019 Year in Review

2019 has been a heck of a ride. While things behind the scenes have been quite hectic, things on this site have been doing better than I anticipated. I started 2019 with the goal of trying to improve on the 2018 stats for the site, and use the momentum to continue the growth. Well, that definitely happened.

My plan is to continue to build on the progress that has been made so far. I am working on getting new content added into the pipeline and am hoping to provide more information about my experiences in the Traeger ecosystem and to continue to add additional commentary about other areas as well.

Looking back on the site over the 2019 year these were the top posts:

Jerk Chicken made on the Traeger Renegade Pro
Spatchcocked Jerk Chicken made on the Traeger Renegade Pro

5) No, I am not paid by Traeger, I just love my grill.

This is the post that started this train! This was my first post about my Traeger grill and where the series of reviews began. This post was in response to a friend messaging me after continued posts on social media asking “Do they pay you for this?!” and my answer was “No, I just love my grill!”.

4) Review: My favorite WiFi Meat Thermometer – Fireboard FBX11

This review covers by far and away my favorite meat thermometer for my long cooks. While I use a Thermapen as a quick, instant-read probe, this Fireboard thermometer is what I use for anything that will be in the grill for hours at a time.

3) Review: One Season with the Traeger Insulation Blanket

I saw the product in the catalog, and the weather was changing. My pellets were being consumed a bit quicker, so I decided I wanted the blanket. I thought it would be worth it for the efficiency. My wife bought the blanket for me as a gift. I thought I would be happy with it, and this was the result. It wasn’t pretty, but this is what happened!

22 Series Traeger Insualtion Blanket
Box for the 22 Series Insulation Blanket for the Traeger Grill

2) Follow Up: One Season with the Traeger Insulation Blanket

This post was the culmination of the reach out to Traeger support about the damage caused by the Insulation Blanket. This post has boosted in views this season and is likely tied to the cooler weather and people shopping for the blanket.

1) Review: Six months in on my Traeger Renegade Pro

The biggest of the Traeger review series. It covers customer service, other products including Traeger rubs and Pellets. This is one of the most comprehensive, real-world reviews of the Traeger Renegade Pro (TRAEGER TFB38TOD) I have seen. This post boomed in July when Amazon Prime Day happened, and I hope that it continues to help people in their shopping.

Pork Butt and Country Ribs on the Traeger Renegade Pro
Pork Butt and Country Ribs on the Traeger Renegade Pro

This year has been a big growing year for this site and I hope to continue to build off of the momentum in 2020.

If you have any requests for opinion on any products or accessories, or even something outside of the Traeger space, let me know! I am happy to look into things and may be able to provide feedback!

Happy New Year!

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